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New Mexico. Glossy Snake Arizona Trans-Pecos Rat Snake Bogertophis subocularis. Common . Gray-banded Kingsnake Lampropeltis alterna. Common.

Coluber taeniatus taeniatus, Desert Striped Whipsnake. Diadophis punctatus Garter Snake. Thamnophis eques megalops, Brown (Mexican) Garter Snake.

This publication gives information on New Mexico snakes of concern for The color of a rattlesnake's scales often matches the environment—brown, gray, compared with the western coral snake, with stripes that don't extend around the .

Learn about the poisonous critters that live in New Mexico, including snakes, In New Mexico, there are three species of brown spiders: the blanda, desert and.

It's snake season in New Mexico, and the New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center has some tips to keep you safe. Venomous snakes.