Urban Dictionary: Anal Bomb - anal bombs


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The sexual postion in which person A lays flat on their front while person B poos in side person A's anus. It can be used for pleasure or just for good hardcore.

When your on the toilet and a huge painful turd shoots from your ass at over 100MPH and breaks the toilet and your ass and you have to go to.

Rather than sew explosives into his underwear, a terrorist might actually plant a bomb, which can weigh as little as a pound, inside his anal.

Abdullah Hassan al-Asiri (1986 – August 27, 2009) was a Saudi Arabian member of al-Qaeda in Al-Asiri spoke to Mohammed bin Nayef a few days prior to the bombing and expressed his a pound (0.5 kg) of PETN plastic explosives in his rectum and anal canal, which security experts described as a novel technique.

The reward of Jihad from Allah promises to give Muslim men when they enter heaven is not Muslim women, but "white young virgins". Even if.