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Comic 3896: Sexy Saccades . Comic 3644: Melon Has A Bad Sense Of Taste .. Comic 2792: The Bigger Picture . Comic 2490: I Bet It's Hannelore.

HANNELORE: Uh, well that might have something to do with my embarrassing secret. way in HELL that his girlfriend was gonna pose nude in a webcomic. segment – and she did the digital altering of the photos herself.

As a sidenote, I'm amazed by a man who managed to picture 3670 issues in 15 If I say "hey, Hannelore, you're just a human being like me! If an AI doesn't have a father who can be naked, is there a machine equivalent?.

Strip-by-Strip description of every Questionable Content webcomic, from 2003 Happy Dora Grin and the Freaking Out Dora Grimace Helpful Hannelore (Sock Hanners gets her sexy firefighter/EMT pictures and Winslow CATCHES her!.

1168 Nightmare on QC (1): Hannelore kills a centipede – and a Giant one says . 1226 Hanners talks to her sexy photo "dealer" Pintsize (firemen are sweaty).