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A database run by the American Association of Variable Star Observers will organize and archive data on transiting exoplanets collected by amateur astronomers. A putative frigid planet orbiting Barnard’s star, the second closest star system to the Sun, made headlines last week.

A team of amateurs has discovered evidence for 42 alien planets, including a Jupiter-size world that could potentially be habitable, by sifting through data from a NASA spacecraft. This is the second time Planet Hunters project, which is overseen by Zooniverse, has confirmed a new.

Citizen scientists have discovered a new, rare type of planet beyond our solar system that's about twice the size of Earth and located in the habitable, or "Goldilocks zone," around its star where liquid water might exist on the exoplanet's surface. That's because K2-288Bb orbits.

AN HISTORICAL REVIVAL OF AMATEUR PLANETARY. ASTRONOMY. Since the 2000's, the amateur world has achieved some crucial observations that has.

Artist illustration of an extrasolar planet. Image credit: CfA. Click to enlarge. Listen to the interview: Microlens Planet Discovery (6.2 mb).