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9 Tips for adult learners headed back to school tips for adult students

Adult learners approach education in a very different way than younger students. Many will be studying part-time as they continue to work and support their.

How to prepare for going back to schoolTake inventory. – What skills and previous educational experience do you have that could work toward your final goal?.

Teaching adults can be very different from teaching children, or even students of traditional college age. Andrea Leppert, M.A., an adjunct instructor at Rasmussen College in Aurora/Naperville, IL, teaches speech communication to students seeking degrees. Many of her students are.

Tips for Adult Students. Find study tips and resources that suit your unique learning style. Get advice on in-person and online programs and decide which path is.

At Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE), we support adult “I went online to see the reviews from other students about what they.