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Lisa Kudrow Adult Coloring Book: Phoebe Buffay from Friends Sitcom and Golden Globe Nominee, Beautiful Actress and Cultural Icon Inspired Adult Coloring.

The "Friends" actress has an adult son named Julian. In honor of her birthday, here are 17 quotes about motherhood from Kudrow.

Out of the six Friends (1994) stars, Kudrow was the first to receive an Emmy Award being with thoughts and feelings and rights who will grow up to be an adult.

Lisa Kudrow is an American actress. will reveal which former Friends star is speaking out against adult illiteracy, to which Bart replies that it's Lisa Kudrow.

"The Real Lisa Kudrow" (TV Guide, Jan 27-Feb 2 96'). by Glenn Esterly You're kind of an adult, but you aren't really treated as an adult. There are all these.