Opinion: Underarm hair is natural so why do people reel in horror from my hairy armpits? - hairy armpits men


Are You Normal About Men and Hairy Armpits? | Glamour hairy armpits men

Armpits are weird to begin with. They're like a hole or pocket. I know there is supposed to be hair in that region and I don't think guys need to.

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But that man is by no means the only person from whom armpit hair elicits While I personally had always found hairy armpits a bit 'out there'.

Find male underarm stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock A man takes care of his hygiene by applying deodorant to his hairy armpit.

So me and my boyfriend were having a random discussion about what looks more attractive for males: Hairy or Shaved armpits. Its really a question of taste but i.