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Most minivans offer three rows of adult-sized seating that have been cleverly designed to maximize cargo capacity. What other vehicle can carry 7 or 8 adults in.

A 2019 Honda Odyssey, one of only five minivan models on the market. An owner of a 2018 Odyssey said, “I know minivans have a bad rap.

Not all third rows are easy to access, nor fit for adult passengers, as our testing has shown. To help in choosing the right three-row model for.

Trying to rent a car to fits 8 people all literature only suggest 7 people.. Will it seat 8 adults comfortably? I never ride a minivan before, fyi.

Many knowledgeable drivers will tell you that minivans are among the most . The (Loaded) Ride: With four adults “the Sedona's pristine ride.