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Petrie Casts for Children & Young Adults adult in petrie cast

Your child has been placed in a Petrie cast to keep the ball of the femur (the thigh bone) in the hip socket. Your child will adjust to the position shortly and.

Petrie Casts for Children & Young Adults. Petrie casts treat hip problems by keeping legs spread far apart while healing. Learn how to care for your child.

Although the Petrie cast still has a role in the short-term treatment of LCPD before and during the reossification stage, available data does not.

Differentiated from adult osteonecrosis by its ability to heal and remodel . (may exacerbate symptoms), muscle lengthenings, Petrie casting.

See: Pediatric Femoral Frx Menu - Discussion: timing: Immediate single-leg spica cast for pediatric femoral diaphysis fractures.